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January 2018

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       No Classes
    New Year's Day


Discuss Winter Break assignment

Q&A on Geologic Timescale

Prep for Paleo. I lab

HW:  Preview Paleo. I lab - Ex. 1 will be completed at home), Prep. for Quiz (post questions online by 1900 hrs. to guarantee an answer)

Winter Break Assignment Quiz

ANS trip information

Q&A on Precambrian/Cambrian explosion

HW: How the Earth Was Made - Parts 2-3 (due Fri. - now due Tues. dut to snow)

       Snow Day
       No Classes


HW: How the Earth Was Made - Parts 2-3 (due Fri. - now due Tues. due to the snow)

    Too Cold Day
      No Classes


HW: Review background material for labs Paleo. II or Paleo III. (now will not be needed until 1/12 due to snow), How the Earth was Made - Part 4 (due Mon. - now due Tues. due to snow)

08 09 10 11 12
      Early Dismissal 1130
  ( Shortened pds. - snow)

Paleo I lab - Ex. 2-3

Paleo. II or Paleo. III lab

          2 hr. Late Opening
          (Shortened pds.)

Paleo I lab - Ex. 2-3

How the Earth was Made Part 2-3 quiz

How the Earth was Made Parts 1-4 (need paper copy for collection)

Paleo I lab - Ex. 2-3 (first half)

Discuss fish family tree and review up to Devonian period

        No Class
        Early Dismissal 1130

ANS paperwork/fee deadline

Fish family tree

HW: How the Earth was Made - Part 5-6 (due Fri.)

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          No Classes
            MLK Day


Complete fish discussion

Begin labs Paleo. II-IV*

*Plan is to complete any two of the labs, student's choice (both due Fri.)
        2 hr. Late Opening
          (Shortened pds.?)

Paleo. labs II-IV

Paleo labs II-IV

Paleo labs II-IV

22 23 24 25 26

Discuss Carboniferous-Permian-Triassic periods

Walking with Dinosaurs: New Breed

         No Class

What is a Dinosaur?

Prep. for ANS video project

Wrap up paleontology
Conclude geology
Exam prep.

Explain dual enrollment portfolios

         No Classes
     Midterm Exams

29 30 31 01Feb 02

       No Classes
   Midterm Exams

         No Classes
       Midterm Exams

    Science 0745-0915*
See Schoology for Room
    Makeup 0945-1115
        Room 202

*Students doubled up in science will take the AGS exam during the makeup period

     ANS Field Trip 
   Depart end of Pd. 2

ANS infommercials due 15Feb17
          Early Dismissal 1130

Dual enrollment portfolios due

Course selection with juniors
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        No Classes
  President's Weekend

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         No Classes
     President's Day


                                                             Winter Break Assignment

Instructor remarks: To maximize time in the lab in January, a combination of reading and video-based assignments will be assigned during the break that encompass the material encountered throughout the paleontology unit.  These videos and articles will greatly assist your understanding of the many types of fossil animals and plants found since the Cambrian explosion.  They alsor epresent testable material and will be included on the midterm.  Many of these videos are available on YouTube so we are going to take advantage of this as well.  Here is the list of assignments:

1.  Review Geologic Time 1 (online).  Some of this has already been covered in the Physicel Geology labs so it should be just that, a review.  Pay close attention to the advancements in geologic understanding since Hutton and Lyell since that has not been covered yet.  Also, begin to acquaint yourself with the constrction of the Geologic Timescale.

2.  Complete Paleontology I Supplementary + worksheet.  These articles discuss early  "complex" life just prior to the Cambrian explosion when fossil evidence was very scarce.  All materials are ont he Downloads page of the Paleontology E-Unit.
3.  Watch How the Earth was Made up to 46:24.  This portion of the program covers Earth's evolution from its beginning up to the end of the Cambrian period.  Note there is a video outline available for this program.  There is also an extensive worksheet that highlights the most important concepts covered in the program.  This worksheet will not be graded but it is highly recommended that it be completed since it will appear in upcoming quizzes and the midterm in January.  The video can be found on the Downloads page of the Paleontology E-Unit.  Due to the file size, it is recommended you download it before attempting to watch.  Alternatively, it can also be accessed on Youtube.

Calender Codes
Red = Tests/Quizzes
Gold = Graded Assignments/Labs
Green = Reading Assignments
Blue = Videos/DVDs
Grey = Lecture Notes
Block Days

Lecture Notes
Astronomy 1 - The Nature of Astronomy
Geologic Time 1 - Geologic Timescale (Online :38)
Geologic Time 2 - Index Fossils
Geologic Time 3 - Paleogeography
Government 1 - Geosciences
Government 4A, 4B - Space Sciences  (Online A [:39], B [:39])

Historical Astronomy 1 - Ancient Astronomers (Online  :49)
Historical Astronomy 2 - Renaissance (Online :40)
Historical Astronomy 3 - Modern Astronomy
Introduction 1 - Big Picture (Online :38)
Introduction 2 - Studying the Earth  (Online  :34)
Mineralogy 1 - Introduction to Mineralogy (Online :39)
Mineralogy 2 - Properties and Identification (Online :43)
Motion 1 - Celestial Navigation
Petrology 1 - Rock Cycles (Online :20)
Petrology 2 - Igneous Rock (Online :40)
Petrology 3 - Sedimentary Rock (Online :43)
Petrology 4 - Metamorphic Rock (Online :27)
Petrology 5 - Mineral and Rock Resources (Online :38)
Planets 1 - Intro. to Planetary Science (Online :36)
Planets 2 - Planet. Structure and Evolution (Online :47)
Planets 3 - Terrestrial Planets (Online :41)
Planets 4 - Jovian Planets (Online :58)
Planets 5 - Minor Planetary Bodies (Online 1:06)
Planets 6 - Extrasolar Planets (Online :  )
Satellite 1 - Remote Sensing
Satellite 2 - Instruments
Satellite 3 - Imagery
Satellite 4 - GPS
Seismology 1 - Earthquakes
Seismology 2 - Measurement and Monitoring
Seismology 3 - Damage and Aftermath
Space Technology 1 - Telescopes
Space Technology 2 - The Grand Explorers (Online :38)
Stellar Astronomy 1 - Galactic Features (Online 1:00)
Stellar Astronomy 2 - The Sun (Online :45)
Stellar Astronomy 3 - Stellar Classification (Online :50)
Stellar Astronomy 4 - Stellar Evolution (Online :50)
Tectonics 1 - Cont. Drift & Seafloor Spreading (Online :39)
Tectonics 2 - Theory of Plate Tectonics (Online :49)
Tectonics 3 - Select Tectonic Regions (Online :41)

Class Materials & E-Units

AGS 381 Midterm Exam Review Sheet 2018
AGS 381 Final Exam Review Sheet 2018

Article - Anti Matters
Article - At the Hearts of Barred Spirals
Article - Beyond Pluto
Article - Buried Treasure
Article - Deeper
Article - Divisions of Geologic Time (USGS)
Article - Don't Forget Christchurch Earthquake
Article - Early Chinese Observations... 
Article - Exploring the Earth's Inner Core/Moon
Article - First Messier Marathon
Article - First Mission to the Last Planet
Article - Forging the Planets
Article - Fracking Nation
Article - Giving Birth to Galaxies
Article - How Nature Builds A Planet
Article: Is This the Best Place to Find
           Life in the Solar System 
Article - Killer Gas in Africa's Lake Kivu
Article - Lake Tanganyika's Ancient Reach
Article - Meet the New Planets
Article - Mission to Mercury
Article - Neptune Rising
Article - News From Earths Wayward Twin Titan
Article - Raising the Rockies
Article - Saturn Spectacular
Article - SEC Mandates Businesses Disclose...
Article - The New Madrid Earthquakes
Article - Tracking Yellowstone's Activity
Article - Treasure of the Black Smokers

Article - Under the Volcano
Article - USArray: Geoscientist's Earth Telescope
Article - Very Best Telescope
Article - Very Long Baseline Array
Article - When Kobe Died

Assignment - Academy of Natural Sciences
Assignment - Business of Geosciences
Assignment - Film Critique

Assignment - US Government 1
Assignment - US Government 4

Assignment - Images of the Solar System
Assignment - Mineral Group
Chart - Geologic Timescale
Chart - Rock Type Symbols
E-Unit - Paleontology

E-Unit - Structural Geology
E-Unit - Space Weather
E-Unit - Stellar Astronomy
Field Study - Geologic Setting
Lab - Economic Geology

Lab - Economic Geology Business    
        Model Presentation
Lab - Kepler's Laws

Lab - National Earthquake Info.

Lab - Mineral Exploration
Lab - Mineralogy Parts 1-3
Lab - Near Earth Objects (NEOs)
Lab - Petrology
Lab - Petrology Field Study

Lab - Plate Tectonics (Parts 1-3)
Lab - Plate Tectonics Lab Extra

Lab - Seismology: Good Friday

Take Home Exam - Tectonics
Video Outline - America's Tsunami:
        Are We Next
Video Outline  - The Day the Earth Shook
Video Outline - How the Earth was
        Made: Iceland

Video Outline - The Universe: Alien Galaxies
Video Outline - The Universe - Mercury and Venus
Video Worksheet - America's Tsunami
Video Worksheet - The Day the Earth Shook
Video Worksheet - Splendid Stones
Worksheet - Cosmology Supplem.  
Worksheet - Earth Structure Supplem.
Worksheet - Earthquake Supplem. 
Worksheet - Economic Geology I Supplem.
Worksheet - Economic Geology II Supplem.

Worksheet - Historical Astronomy Supplem.
Worksheet - Mineral Groups
Worksheet - PA Mineral Industry
Worksheet - Planetary Science I
Worksheet - Planetary Science II
Worksheet - Planetary Science III
Worksheet - Planetary Science IV
Worksheet  - Planetary Science V
Worksheet - Seismology Supplem. I
Worksheet - Space Tech. Supplem. I

Worksheet - Tectonics Supplem. I
Worksheet - Tectonics Supplem. II