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You have reached the informational section of the geochief.org website of Upper Dublin School Districtís Advanced Earth and Space Science curricula. This website is intended to provide basic information during course selection for those students considering enrolling in one or more of the following courses:

  • Advanced Earth and Space Science 372

  • Advanced Geosciences 371H (O & M)

  • Advanced Geosciences 381H (A & G)  

The courses encompass an in-depth study of the traditional "earth and space" disciplines of geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy and are currently open to Upper Dublin High School juniors and seniors.

Advanced Earth and Space Science 372

In 2001, the first generation of what are now the Advanced Earth and Space Science (AES) 372 (AES) and the Advanced Geosciences (AGS) 371 and 381 curricula were introduced for the first time at Upper Dublin High School. Among the only courses of their kind in the Philadelphia region, they presented an advanced and in-depth study of selected topics from the traditional earth and space science fields. The courses were offered at two different academic levels with each on par with the rigor of other science courses of the same number designations at UDHS. The Level 2 version, AES 372, provided students with a college prep look at all four disciplines and presented a broad brush approach to these fields.  Although this course has evolved over the years, it has held true to its mission of providing interested students with a high level look at the the major geoscience disciplines and is open to any UDHS junior or senior who has successfully completed two years of Level 2 science courses.

Advanced Geosciences 371H and 381H

 Originally, the Advanced Earth and Space Science curriculum came in two versions; a Level 2 (372) and a Level 1 (371) version.  AES 371(H) was an honors/AP level course which also covered all four earth and space disciplines but also included additional units, individual research projects, more stringent evaluation and a faster pace than AES 372. The course did not carry an AP designation since such a title required a specific curriculum set forth by the makers of the AP exams, the College Board. At present, there is no such curriculum in the geosciences (see AP vs. Dual Credit for more information on this issue).

In 2010, the original AES 371H course was split into two courses with each including only two of the four geoscience disciplines.  This split offers an unprecedented opportunity for UDHS students to engage in two of the most comprehensive high school geosciences courses in the nation.  This major transformation has led to the creation of Advanced Geosciences 371H (meteorology and oceanography) and Advanced Geosciences 381H (geology and astronomy).  The courses were split in this fashion since the disciplines included in each course made many natural connections with each other.  Advanced Geosciences 371H opened in the fall of 2010 and Advanced Geosciences 381H will open for the first time in the fall of 2011.  At the current time, the two courses will be offered on alternating years from each other.   

Both of these new courses will continue to carry the "Honors" designation but will also be able to offer students "dual credit" enrollment where those successfully completing one or both of the courses will be eligible to gain actual college credit. Both AGS curricula and the courses' instructor were originally endorsed by the State University of New York (SUNY) through its Earth Science Outreach Program (ESOP) in 2010.  At that time, Upper Dublin was the only high school outside of New York to be recognized as part of this program.  In 2014 and with SUNY's assistance, a new pertnership was created between Upper Dublin and West Chester University of Pennsylvania to better serve our college bound student population.  West Chester has a strong geoscience department and geoscience education program and its proximity to Upper Dublin made it an excellent choice to continue the dual enrollment initiative at UDHS.  Please note that while applying for college credit is an option in either AGS 371H or AGS 381H, it is not required to enroll in the class.  AGS 371H and AGS 381H are also intended as "stand alone" classes so students do not have to complete one before enrolling in the other.

The recognition of the AGS 371H and AGS 381H curricula by multiple four year undergraduate institutions represents a major step in assisting UDHS students prepare for college coursework while offering some of the securities still enjoyed in high school. It also places UDHS among only a small number of high schools across the nation offering such curricula to students in the geosciences. Please read on to learn more about the dual credit process and these exciting new opportunities.