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Part I: Atmospheric Science

Introduction to the Geosciences

Tools of the Trade
Scales of Space and Time
Isopleth Mapping
Station models

Heat Energy
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Heat Transfer
Radiation Balances
Frontal Systems I
The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
Temperature Controls and Variation

Atmospheric Moisture
Evaporation and Temperature
Vapor Pressures
Condensation and Cloud Formation

Remote Sensing
Weather Satellites

Surface Pressure and Winds
General Air Circulation
Components of Wind
Convergence and Divergence
Frontal Systems II
The Upper Atmosphere
Winds Aloft
Jet Streams
Vertical Wind Profiling

Atmospheric Stability
The Role of Stability
Stable and Unstable Precipitation Patterns
Stability and Severe Weather
The Skew-T Diagram

Mesoscale Meteorology
Origins of Thunderstorms
Types of Thunderstorms
Lightning, Hail and the Microburst

The Mid-Latitude Cyclone
Surface and Upper Air Connectivity
The Cyclone Model
Winter Weather

Tropical Meteorology
Weather Patterns in the Tropics
El Niņo and La Niņa

Weather Forecasting
Computer Modeling
Forecast Challenge Competition