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The Registration Process

In the dual credit process, an Upper Dublin High School student formally enrolls online as an Undergraduate Non-Degree Student at WCU in the October-November timeframe.  This process will be coordinated in class through your instructor. 

Because of the differences in the school year calendar between high schools and universities, the first half of each UDHS AGS course will be considered a Spring semester course at West Chester University while the second half of each AGS course will count as a Summer semester course.  Students desiring to receive credit for each half of an UDHS AGS course must therefore go through two registration processes, one in the late fall and one in the spring.  Each West Chester University course costs the same price as an AP exam.  There is no separate application fee when applying to WCU as a Non-Degree student.  When the registration fees are paid, UDHS students will automatically be scheduled into the appropriate class by WCU officials.

The registration process is not very complicated but admittedly it does change a bit from year to year so it is important to follow the instructions below very closely.  If issues develop, notify your instructor immediately.  Please do not call West Chester University or the UDHS Guidance department before speaking to your instructor first.  The registration process boils down to three elements: registering with WCU, paying for the course, and completing the relevant UD paperwork.  Here are the instructions for all three.


WCU Registration

1.  To begin the High School Dual Enrollment Program process, click on the following link to the Non-Degree Application page. 

2.  The first page that appears will confirm you are not from an EU nation so select "No" from the pulldown and then <Continue>.

3.  There are two choices that need to be selected on this next screen which begins with "What is Non Degree".  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the two pulldowns and select "Undergrad" and the appropriate semester (typically Spring or Summer I).  UDHS's fall courses should be entered as "Spring" while the spring course (post midterms) should be entered as "Summer I".  Click <Continue>.

4.  On the next screen choose "Dual Enrollment Program" under the "I am a current high school student" option.  This will open up a box where you will enter UDHS's ID state ID number "391415" in the "Name of High School" box.  Leave the "Anticipated Graduation" box empty.  Click <Continue>.

5.  This page will begin with a welcome message that reads "Thank you for your interest in West Chester University" along with an additional list of requirements.  These requirements will be fulfilled with assistance from your instructor so you do not need to take any action here. Click <Continue>.  

6.  Follow the next pages that request personal information and provide it accordingly.  Once submitted, an admissions form will be sent to the indicated email address almost automatically.  Students who are already in WCU's system from earlier AGS courses might find their information will pop up once they have typed in their SSN and hit <Search>.  From here on out, much of your information will appear automatically.  Once this screen has been completed, move on to the next page.

7.  Following account setup, you will have to accept some policies and then press <Submit>.  At this point, you will receive the application via email so watch for it.  Be sure to check your spam box if it does not appear in your Inbox.  This form must be printed, completed, and sent to your instructor.  He will handle the principal's signature section.  The course names/numbers are listed on the Why WCU page of this tutorial.  For all courses, Section 21 is the standard. 

WCU Payment

Payment for all courses is online as of 2019 so there will be no checks brought to UD.

1.  Go to West Chester University's Bursar webpage.

2.  Fill in the requested personal information and then choose Upper Dublin School District - Credit by Exam on the school district pulldown.

3.  The correct course should now pop up.  If it does not, notify your instructor before proceeding any further and paying for the wrong course.  Click the box for the correct course and proceed with the remainder of the payment process.  Keep whatever receipt is sent to you.

UDHS Paperwork

To complete the registration process, your instructor will need physical copies of three forms.

1.  Bring the registration form that was generated by your online registration process to your instructor.  These will be sent to WCU once the principal has signed off on it and GPA information is included.

2.  Read and sign the Letter of Understanding form found on the Resources page of Geochief.  This form requires both student and parent signatures.  Students should also read West Chester University's policies on Academic Integrity via the Geochief link on the Resources page. 

3.  Complete a UDHS Records Request/Release Form also found on the Geochief Resources page.  This is needed to release your GPA to WCU for eligibility purposes.  For, "Purpose" choose Other: Dual Enrollment.  "Records Requested" should be Unofficial Transcript.  "Recipient" should be West Chester University.  "Delivery Type" should be provided directly to the student or parent.

4.  Bring all three completed forms to your instructor by the deadline indicated.