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Student Opportunities

Listed here are a number of opportunities related to the geosciences that are available to students.  While I cannot personally vouch for many of them as a participant, most are run by museums, universities or governmant agencies related to geoscience research.

Bighorn Basin Dinosaur Project

Yellowstone Wolf 1, 2, 3, 4

Geospatial (GIS) Discoveries Summer Program (Washington College (MD) Center for Environment and Society - Brochure

Paleontology Field School (New Jersey State Museum) - Brochure

Advanced Weather Camp (Penn State University) - Website

Stones and Bones (Chicago Field Museum) - Website   
Special note:  Several AGS/AES students have participated in this program in the past.


Various marine science opportunities (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) - Website (click on Internships)

Various geoscience student job opportunities (United States Geological Survey) - Website

Various meteorology-related student job opportunities (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) - Website

The Geosciences in Print

So, what do I read to keep current with what's new in the geosciences?  Here are my top picks for anyone who really wants to understand the business.  Yes, I subscribe and read almost all of these.

Discover - In my opinion the best all-round science magazine.  Technical enough to be interesting, simple enough for the non-expert who might want to pick it up and learn something

Earth - A monthly geology periodical published by the American Geological Institute.  Articles run from basic to advanced in complexity.  Also dabbles in the other main geoscience disciplines as well.

National Geographic - If you've never heard of this one, you need to have your head examined.  It's generally considered heresy to throw one out.  Monthly.

Sky and Telescope or Astronomy - It's a toss up between these two for keeping current in astronomy.  Both monthly.

Weatherwise - A bi-monthly meteorology periodical.  Can be fairly technical.

Schmidt's Travels

In my travels, I have been to far away places and experienced many things relevant to my love of the geosciences and teaching. This section includes images and multimedia related to just some of those experiences and are often used in my classes for teaching geoscience concepts. Some of the multimedia examples are shot in places I've never been before so my "science" is admittedly not always accurate for the location in question until after the video is shot and I've had a chance to conduct more background research. Most of the clips are unrehearsed and unedited. A special thank you to my friends who often shoot the "Ranger Rick Roadside Geology Lessons" for me when it's their vacation too! Enjoy... -rs

Maine and Canada
July 2011



Drone 1
Drone 2
Drone 3